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04 August 2010 @ 03:14 pm
Dream from 8-4-10  
Kass and I were living in this strange old apartment complex. It was a really old and painted red, though the paint was chipping where you could see the almost orange building material underneath. It was a gated place with a courtyard out front with tall weeds and a large fountain that wasn't working.

We were mostly inside through most of the dream, and like usual, Kass' room was a mess with clothes all over the place and bags of candy and chips everywhere.

At one point, we were in the living room, and we were visiting with this older woman and her husband, with whom we seemed to be friends. I was also e-mailing people while we were talking about stuff with them. The carpet in our living room was this old...1970s rust-chocolate brown and the furniture we had was kind of old and rustic.

So I started to e-mail Julie Andrews, and she e-mails me back. In fact, we were having an e-mail conversation going on, and I told her how much I love her work (not really so much her newer work since I don't like those Princess movies, but all of her older work). She e-mails me back and asks if I want to meet her at Half Price Books for a cup of coffee because she's going to be there with her husband. Of course, this was the San Marcos Half Price, which in real life has no coffee shop to it, but in the dream it did. I ask Kass if she wants to go meet Julie Andrews, and of course, she's excited about it.

The old couple says they can take us over there, that they'd like to go, too. Kass and I have to change and clean up a little because we have what I think at first is only one puppy -- a husky. The couple says they'll meet us outside. So I'm going out all the things Kass needs to pick up and put away lest the puppy eats it (like all of her candy, chips, etc).

We go outside, though I tell her a few other things of hers will be fair game for the puppy -- like her clothes all over the floor. She says she doesn't think he'll mess with the stuff. We walk out to the one parking area and run into several old people but not our couple. I do say hi and talk to several, though, and this tall, slightly heavy older woman walks up and hugs me and starts to talk to me. There is a shorter, skinnier old woman with her. She wants me to go with her to see something at her apartment, but we tell her that we have to go. We have to find our ride.

We go up three steps to the door that leads out into the gated courtyard, thinking that the couple will be waiting for us on the other side of the gate. Only when we get out there, there are piles of Kass' clothes all over the place and four or five puppies -- all that look like black and white malamutes plus the one husky pup -- are playing with and covered in her stuff. They're in the fountain then running around, and they've knocked down the old iron gate around the courtyard. I start to say something to Kass, and she says, "I guess I shouldn't have left the door open."
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