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03 August 2010 @ 04:10 am
Dream from 8-2-10 (Yeah, I'm late in posting this)  

I was downtown (San Marcos) with Kass, only I think we were at the bus station. I thought we were waiting for a bus, but the moment I realized we were moving, we were on a train, not a bus. The windows were open and at times, I think one side of the car we were on was completely open to the air.

We went over some pretty amazing tracks and bridges and over the river in several places. It was really nice. We stopped at this train station on the other side of town, but somewhere close to I35. Kass and I stepped off there, and we were going to catch another train to somewhere else in the city (not sure where). But Kass walked over to the ticket counter, so I thought she was getting our next tickets. Then she moved off to the side and was sitting on a railing. I asked her for my ticket and she said she didn't buy them. I was a bit frustrated because I didn't want to wind up stuck there because the tickets were sold out. I walked over to the ticket booth and told the old woman there that I wanted two tickets for the next train. After some fumbling around on her part, she finally gave me the tickets.

We had to wait a little for the train to show up. The station was very open air with a roof over it and had a way to close it off in bad weather. There were pairs of women on the benches who were either knitting or reading, and there was a table with four businessmen who were playing cards. They'd taken their suit jackets off and had their sleeves rolled up and their ties loosened. They were all waiting for a train to take them into one of the bigger cities (Austin or San Antonio).

Finally the train showed up. I really didn't interact with any of the people there. Just watched them. We climbed onto the train and found seats quickly.


This was an odd little interlude where I was in bed with a woman (not sure who), but she was younger than me. She was curled up behind me and started to touch me sexually. I was starting to respond then she climbed out of bed and never came back.


I was in a university. It was a huge building that encompassed some classrooms (I think), but a lot of profs' offices on the second-fourth floors, and the first floor was the student center with lots of food places, a post office, the ID office, a bank, etc.

I think I was there to meet up with a prof, but there was some hint that I'd also just gotten something (or some things) published, and I may have been going to find the prof to share the news.

There seemed to be a lot of walking around and climbing up and down stairs. I could always manage to see the food court/seating area, but I never could seem to get to it. Either I couldn't make the time, or I couldn't get the time, or I just kept being distracted by all the stairs. But I did also keep thinking about the chick from before, not so much because I wanted to be with a chick but because I wanted sex.
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