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26 July 2010 @ 03:25 pm
Dream from 7-26-10  

I was in Corpus and we were on the bay on Shoreline (we = Kass and me and a few other people I don't recognize outside of the dream). There was this long, wide water area on the street at the top of the slope going down to the actual bay. But people could go down in this water area and swim. So Kass and I were swimming and she says, "Notice something unusual about everyone here?" And I look real hard and respond, "Everyone's gay."

So we ask about it and someone explains that the city gave it to the GLBTs and made it a GLBT-only establishment when a Transgendered person swam in it and the straight conservatives freaked out, thinking they'd "catch it." Apparently, the city was in some kind of litigation over giving it to the GLBT community because there were Christian fundie groups who were saying to just "clean it out" (like with bleach) to get rid of the filth that the gays were leaving behind then kick out the queers before they brought down the wrath of God on the city. But the city was refusing to do it and ignoring the Christians.

I just laughed and told this one gay guy -- a really sweet bear -- to keep it for as long as possible.


I wandered into an apartment because it was my friend Gary's and a bunch of his stuff was packed. But two other friends (Lauren and John) were there helping to pack as well as Jeff and this other guy from SCA named Kenneth (Mordun MacDonald). So I start helping because he's moving to Houston the next day and I want to see him before he leaves. There was a glass vase that I was about to pack and Lauren told me to put water in it before I put it into a box, so I filled it up and placed it into a small box. I couldn't figure out how to keep the water from spilling, so Lauren took over and acted like I was incompetent and in the way.

While it still seemed like it was Gary's, at one point, it seemed more like Cyrus Cassell's. Or at least, he showed up and had belongings there. For some reason, I told him that I wanted a cowboy hat for Tam to wear. He told me that he had several hats in his closet that I could choose from. None were cowboy hats, but there was a jester's cap, which I was avoiding, and a couple of Renaissance noble/courtier hats, but they didn't appeal to me. There was a small hat with peacock feathers dangling off of it that I really liked, but I was afraid to choose it in case it was Cyrus' favorite. But I did pick up and put on a very small hat (not really even a hat, more like a wide barrette) with a hat pin. Then Cyrus walked in and handed me the peacock hat and told me to take it for Tam because it would look cute on him.


The dream shifted several times before the last one, but it was hard to remember what happened. I know that I was hanging around with several different people, but I couldn't say who or what we were doing other than I think poking our noses into several shops.

But the last bit that I did remember was finally getting into a car with my sister and my Aunt Norma. We were going to lunch/dinner, and I wanted either pancakes or waffles, and we were going to find an IHOP or a cheap place (like the one that's in San Marcos not that far from where I live). Aunt Norma kept going on about an IHOP just over this one stretch of freeway in downtown Corpus (which isn't really there, and of course, in the dream it didn't really look like Corpus, but it was). So we were trying to head over there when I woke up.
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