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19 July 2010 @ 02:13 pm
Dream from 7-19-10 -- Have I been watching too many action/spy movies?  
I was leaving an airport with Jeff, and we were in the Middle East somewhere. I believe at first, either he was pretending he wasn't with me because he didn't want other people to see that we'd traveled together or because we weren't supposed to seem like we had. Either way, he was acting like a dick, and I was trying to wrestle my few bags out of the airport with no help from him.

We moved down the sidewalk toward a row of buses, and on the way, we passed several kiosks outside that were selling cigarettes, poker chips and strange souvenirs. There was a Middle Eastern man who'd stopped at one of them, trying to buy something, while ahead of him, a woman close to him in age (40s-50s) was nagging him to hurry.

Jeff and I finally climbed onto one of the buses, and I was reading the signs, which were all in French, and Jeff was annoyed because he couldn't read them. I think I laughed a little, and because he'd been being such an asshole, I said, "Should have paid more attention in school. You wouldn't be so unprepared now." That seemed to have some sort of hidden message in it.

I met the gazes of several passengers, who sat down in different locations on the bus. I think the bus was supposed to take us downtown -- whatever city we were in -- so we could find our hotel.

Suddenly, we all see someone. I don't even remember who this person was or what he looked like, but we all drew weapons. The scene became this wild action shooting sequence, full of impossible movements and amazing stunts all in slow motion. I pushed Jeff down so he wouldn't get hurt, and I jumped into the fray.

I know it was over at some point because the slow motion stopped, and I was standing outside the bus with the Middle Eastern man, a couple of Asian men, a very sexy Frenchman and a German man. There were dead people all around, including our target and his bodyguards, and innocent bystanders like Jeff and the one guy's wife, who was now pissed because she found that he'd bought a fake Visa at the kiosk. I don't know why this upset her, but it did.

While they argued, and the Asians seemed to be the ones explaining what was going on to the officials, the sexy Frenchman walked up to me, smiled and congratulated me on a job well done. Then he hugged and kissed me in a way that was way beyond friendship.

The dream shifted, but it was the exact same dream. There were differences, though, such as Jeff and I were "together," but he was still acting like a selfish dick and saying, "I don't know why I let you talk me into this trip. We're not getting back together when it's over." And I just struggled with my bags and followed him out to one of the buses. The kiosk was still there, but this time, it was one of the Asians, who looked like Ken Watanabe, and he was buying poker chips, and I think still the fake Visa. I keep thinking that his wife would be pissed, but as I moved by, our eyes met, and we nodded in acknowledgement of each other.

Jeff and I kept moving toward the bus, and one of my bags -- a plastic shopping back of souvenirs kept slipping, and I kept having to pause and adjust everything because Jeff would not stop to help me at all. At one point, a young Middle Eastern man cam up and helped me and our eyes met and we nodded to each other. He was one of the ones from the other part of the dream.

When we neared the bus, I saw a couple of the others (I was the only woman in the group either time and the only American), and we all nodded to each other. Inside the bus, I saw the sexy Frenchman, and our eyes met, but we didn't nod or smile as if we knew that would give away our relationship.

The rest was as it was before, but there did seem to be a point that Jeff was pissed at me for involving him in this and pretending I was interested in getting back together when it was obvious that I wasn't. I just snarked, "You agreed to come. You could have always said no all along since you're so adamant on being an asshole. But it was your choice."

I think I was about to go to the Frenchman, but that's where I woke up.
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