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15 July 2010 @ 03:12 pm
Dream from 7-15-10: You want me to eat *what*?  
Okay, so aquilarising and I were living together still but in this old house -- seemed to be a stilt house, but I'm not sure where we were living or if we were still here. But it was an old place and fine at first.

Then all of a sudden, an "e-mail" friend is there to visit -- someone I've supposedly known for a long time -- and it's David Spade. A younger David Spade. For some reason, I keep thinking (outside the dream) that it's supposed to be someone else -- someone I knew in elementary school who'd tracked me down online and always had a crush on me. But physically, it was David Spade.

So we're sitting on the sofa -- this 70s puke green and beige thing (similar to the couch Jeff and I used to have that was wood and cushions and belonged to his grandparents, only it was brown and beige). And there was a table across from it and some equally hideous chairs. But "David" and I were sitting on the sofa and he starts rubbing my feet and looking like he wants to make out. So I'm actually game for this. At first, though, he's intent on the massage and moves it to my lower back. I took off my shirt to make it easier, and while he's doing this, Kass has ordered pizza for all of us and has told him that we'd heard the house is haunted -- like Amityville haunted, really really fucking bad and creepy, and something comes up about how Stephen King had wanted to use our house at one point as a model for a novel.

So then Kass says that she's going to put a movie on for all of us to watch, but she really puts on a video game, and she and David start talking video games. They quickly stop when they realize that this leaves me out of the conversation entirely.

We hear noises out on the deck, and I pull my shirt back on. When I step out, there are several "friends" who've shown up and are saying that it's a party, which annoys me because I was wanting pizza and a quiet night (and I'm pretty sure sex was imminent).

Suddenly, there's this creepy vibe about the house, and I start to worry about people. I step inside by myself to get a soda, and Albert Brooks is apparently one of the people hanging out. He'd gone in to get a soda, too. But he's very quiet and seems afraid and doesn't want to be in the house; he doesn't respond much when I try to talk to him. Finally, he goes back outside, and nothing creepy with the house happens.

At some point, we go back inside, and there are 4-6 card tables set up together, all covered by a long, white cloth. There are plates all over with various Asian dishes, and now, there are 4-5 Asian women there who prepared the meal. There was what looked like salmon on my plate and strips of seaweed wrapped white fish, all of which I ate with chopsticks (and all of it was really bland).

David came over and sat by me, but none of the chairs, folding chairs and plastic patio chairs, were very sturdy. We were about to start talking when one of the Asian women hands me this platter of what looks like appetizers. I go to take one with my chopsticks, and it hops! I realize it's a live frog and quickly pass the plate to my right, really freaked out. The girl there takes the frog with her chopsticks and eats it alive. The platter comes back around to the left of me, and I watch as the woman there takes this TINY TINY TINY black and tan dog dressed in Japanese armor with her chopsticks. At first, I think that this has to be a trick or something that was constructed out of food to look like a little dog. Then the tiny dog started to bark and wag his little tail just as one of the other Asian women took another dog. And the first woman with the dog bit off his little head.

I was horrified and I think I was going to get up and find out what happened to the pizza. I'm pretty sure that someone said the order had been cancelled and then I woke up to the phone ringing.
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