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24 June 2010 @ 01:38 pm
Dream from 6-24-10 ZOMBIES  
This dream comes in two parts, but it's the same dream. When I woke up around 9:20 to make sure that my roommate had headed out to work, I'd woken up from the first part of the dream. I went back to sleep, it continued. Only my dreams about zombies does this.


I was outside of a compound, trying to survive and get somewhere safe from the zombies. They were everywhere. I managed to kill a few and arrived at this compound where there were several survivors. They didn't want to let me in at first -- or a few people didn't. The one guy who finally convinced the others to let me in was Bill Cosby, though he wasn't really Bill Cosby (looked like him but wasn't) -- he was some old war vet who carried a lot of clout there. So I went in and started collecting things and looking for weapons to be mine. A few of the men tried to tell me that I couldn't use guns or other weapons because I was female and needed men to protect me. I hit one in the stomach with a baseball bat. They dared me to kill a zombie, so I stepped outside and killed one, which shocked them and impressed others.

One of the people who was impressed was not-Bill Cosby, and he kept me by him most of the time. But he was starting to go insane and eventually stepped outside to "face the enemy" and was bitten. I shot him before it could become bad.

But the compound was becoming chaotic as other men started fighting for power as to who would lead, so I grabbed up anything I wanted to claim as mine and left before they destroyed themselves.


I found an old, huge mansion and decided to hole up there for a while because it seemed pretty zombie-free. I went inside and discovered that the owner was still there -- Bob Hoskins (but like Cosby, not really Bob Hoskins). He was an arrogant millionaire who was hiding away and refusing to do anything about the zombies. So I pretty much set up shop there and ignored him when he tried to tell me what I could or couldn't have access to.

Somewhere in the house, I found a little boy who I decided to keep and raise, and while we were there, Bob Hoskins stepped outside to this garden area and was bitten by a zombie dog. I shot both B.H. and the dog.

Suddenly, the mansion was some kind of bigger auditorium or something, and I wanted to get the hell out of it with the boy. So while I'm gathering up our bags, his toys and some food and putting a lot of it into a wagon, someone from this group of people comes in and takes the boy away from me. I follow them into a big convention room where there were all these fanatical cultish Christians, who are telling me I can't raise the boy because I'm a single female, a zombie killer and not Christian.

There are cops in the room who are there to protect these fundies, but one of them lets me take her gun and a Bowie knife, and I start shooting at the leaders who have my boy. They freak out because I'm really shooting at them (and hitting a few of them), and they say that they'll let me have the boy back.

Then I woke up.
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