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04 August 2010 @ 03:14 pm
Kass and I were living in this strange old apartment complex. It was a really old and painted red, though the paint was chipping where you could see the almost orange building material underneath. It was a gated place with a courtyard out front with tall weeds and a large fountain that wasn't working.

We were mostly inside through most of the dream, and like usual, Kass' room was a mess with clothes all over the place and bags of candy and chips everywhere.

At one point, we were in the living room, and we were visiting with this older woman and her husband, with whom we seemed to be friends. I was also e-mailing people while we were talking about stuff with them. The carpet in our living room was this old...1970s rust-chocolate brown and the furniture we had was kind of old and rustic.

So I started to e-mail Julie Andrews, and she e-mails me back. In fact, we were having an e-mail conversation going on, and I told her how much I love her work (not really so much her newer work since I don't like those Princess movies, but all of her older work). She e-mails me back and asks if I want to meet her at Half Price Books for a cup of coffee because she's going to be there with her husband. Of course, this was the San Marcos Half Price, which in real life has no coffee shop to it, but in the dream it did. I ask Kass if she wants to go meet Julie Andrews, and of course, she's excited about it.

The old couple says they can take us over there, that they'd like to go, too. Kass and I have to change and clean up a little because we have what I think at first is only one puppy -- a husky. The couple says they'll meet us outside. So I'm going out all the things Kass needs to pick up and put away lest the puppy eats it (like all of her candy, chips, etc).

We go outside, though I tell her a few other things of hers will be fair game for the puppy -- like her clothes all over the floor. She says she doesn't think he'll mess with the stuff. We walk out to the one parking area and run into several old people but not our couple. I do say hi and talk to several, though, and this tall, slightly heavy older woman walks up and hugs me and starts to talk to me. There is a shorter, skinnier old woman with her. She wants me to go with her to see something at her apartment, but we tell her that we have to go. We have to find our ride.

We go up three steps to the door that leads out into the gated courtyard, thinking that the couple will be waiting for us on the other side of the gate. Only when we get out there, there are piles of Kass' clothes all over the place and four or five puppies -- all that look like black and white malamutes plus the one husky pup -- are playing with and covered in her stuff. They're in the fountain then running around, and they've knocked down the old iron gate around the courtyard. I start to say something to Kass, and she says, "I guess I shouldn't have left the door open."
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I was downtown (San Marcos) with Kass, only I think we were at the bus station. I thought we were waiting for a bus, but the moment I realized we were moving, we were on a train, not a bus. The windows were open and at times, I think one side of the car we were on was completely open to the air.

We went over some pretty amazing tracks and bridges and over the river in several places. It was really nice. We stopped at this train station on the other side of town, but somewhere close to I35. Kass and I stepped off there, and we were going to catch another train to somewhere else in the city (not sure where). But Kass walked over to the ticket counter, so I thought she was getting our next tickets. Then she moved off to the side and was sitting on a railing. I asked her for my ticket and she said she didn't buy them. I was a bit frustrated because I didn't want to wind up stuck there because the tickets were sold out. I walked over to the ticket booth and told the old woman there that I wanted two tickets for the next train. After some fumbling around on her part, she finally gave me the tickets.

We had to wait a little for the train to show up. The station was very open air with a roof over it and had a way to close it off in bad weather. There were pairs of women on the benches who were either knitting or reading, and there was a table with four businessmen who were playing cards. They'd taken their suit jackets off and had their sleeves rolled up and their ties loosened. They were all waiting for a train to take them into one of the bigger cities (Austin or San Antonio).

Finally the train showed up. I really didn't interact with any of the people there. Just watched them. We climbed onto the train and found seats quickly.


This was an odd little interlude where I was in bed with a woman (not sure who), but she was younger than me. She was curled up behind me and started to touch me sexually. I was starting to respond then she climbed out of bed and never came back.


I was in a university. It was a huge building that encompassed some classrooms (I think), but a lot of profs' offices on the second-fourth floors, and the first floor was the student center with lots of food places, a post office, the ID office, a bank, etc.

I think I was there to meet up with a prof, but there was some hint that I'd also just gotten something (or some things) published, and I may have been going to find the prof to share the news.

There seemed to be a lot of walking around and climbing up and down stairs. I could always manage to see the food court/seating area, but I never could seem to get to it. Either I couldn't make the time, or I couldn't get the time, or I just kept being distracted by all the stairs. But I did also keep thinking about the chick from before, not so much because I wanted to be with a chick but because I wanted sex.
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26 July 2010 @ 03:25 pm

I was in Corpus and we were on the bay on Shoreline (we = Kass and me and a few other people I don't recognize outside of the dream). There was this long, wide water area on the street at the top of the slope going down to the actual bay. But people could go down in this water area and swim. So Kass and I were swimming and she says, "Notice something unusual about everyone here?" And I look real hard and respond, "Everyone's gay."

So we ask about it and someone explains that the city gave it to the GLBTs and made it a GLBT-only establishment when a Transgendered person swam in it and the straight conservatives freaked out, thinking they'd "catch it." Apparently, the city was in some kind of litigation over giving it to the GLBT community because there were Christian fundie groups who were saying to just "clean it out" (like with bleach) to get rid of the filth that the gays were leaving behind then kick out the queers before they brought down the wrath of God on the city. But the city was refusing to do it and ignoring the Christians.

I just laughed and told this one gay guy -- a really sweet bear -- to keep it for as long as possible.


I wandered into an apartment because it was my friend Gary's and a bunch of his stuff was packed. But two other friends (Lauren and John) were there helping to pack as well as Jeff and this other guy from SCA named Kenneth (Mordun MacDonald). So I start helping because he's moving to Houston the next day and I want to see him before he leaves. There was a glass vase that I was about to pack and Lauren told me to put water in it before I put it into a box, so I filled it up and placed it into a small box. I couldn't figure out how to keep the water from spilling, so Lauren took over and acted like I was incompetent and in the way.

While it still seemed like it was Gary's, at one point, it seemed more like Cyrus Cassell's. Or at least, he showed up and had belongings there. For some reason, I told him that I wanted a cowboy hat for Tam to wear. He told me that he had several hats in his closet that I could choose from. None were cowboy hats, but there was a jester's cap, which I was avoiding, and a couple of Renaissance noble/courtier hats, but they didn't appeal to me. There was a small hat with peacock feathers dangling off of it that I really liked, but I was afraid to choose it in case it was Cyrus' favorite. But I did pick up and put on a very small hat (not really even a hat, more like a wide barrette) with a hat pin. Then Cyrus walked in and handed me the peacock hat and told me to take it for Tam because it would look cute on him.


The dream shifted several times before the last one, but it was hard to remember what happened. I know that I was hanging around with several different people, but I couldn't say who or what we were doing other than I think poking our noses into several shops.

But the last bit that I did remember was finally getting into a car with my sister and my Aunt Norma. We were going to lunch/dinner, and I wanted either pancakes or waffles, and we were going to find an IHOP or a cheap place (like the one that's in San Marcos not that far from where I live). Aunt Norma kept going on about an IHOP just over this one stretch of freeway in downtown Corpus (which isn't really there, and of course, in the dream it didn't really look like Corpus, but it was). So we were trying to head over there when I woke up.
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The one dream snippet I remember from this morning goes like this:

I was in a very old and expensive hotel. I was staying with this young cute guy who was kind of a ditz and careless. We had a lot of money, or rather I had a lot of money in cash, but it wasn't originally mine. I'd found it somewhere, and been told that I could keep it, so for some reason, I was carrying it around as cash because I hadn't put it in my bank account yet. But this was why we were splurging on a relaxing vacation of sorts. But for some reason, I'd put the kid in charge of the money, and he'd hidden it up on a beam in the lobby. I found it and put it all in my pockets and said that we needed to put it in the hotel room safe.

I remember the elevator was really big, but there was some reason I wasn't 100% comfortable in it. I just can't pinpoint why.

We were also pretending to be a part of this convention to get a cheaper price on a room and to actually get a room because otherwise, they were saying the hotel was booked. But the room really sucked. It was made for short stays and efficiency, but it wasn't very comfortable. It was really dark and had a heavy feeling to it, and the bed wasn't comfortable and seemed way too small for what they were charging for the room. I told the guy I was with that I wanted a different room, especially when I realized that there was no room safe.

We were in the lobby, waiting in line to get a different room when several of the convention goers (it was some odd Christian convention group) started to talk to us. The wives wanted to pull me into their activities and I wanted no part of it. When these people continued to push (they were all smiles, wearing polyester suits and plaid jackets and the women were in conservative dresses and skirts and all somewhat frumpy), I decided that I wanted to go to another hotel altogether. I felt very unsafe around them and knowing that they were there in great number made me even more nervous about staying.

They started to pull us into a conference room that was really large like the convention center down in Corpus at the bayfront, and there were all these old cars (19-teens, 1920s). They kept trying to pull us into the room, and I was really trying hard to pull away.

Suddenly, there was a bit of panic in the hotel, but not among the convention goers. There was something about a Jack the Ripper type person running around and monsters loose in the hotel. The Christian group was trying to get the guy and me to stay with them "for safety," but there was something really oily about their smiles as if they knew what was going on. I was really willing to face the monsters just to get the hell away from the hotel.

And then I woke up.
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I was leaving an airport with Jeff, and we were in the Middle East somewhere. I believe at first, either he was pretending he wasn't with me because he didn't want other people to see that we'd traveled together or because we weren't supposed to seem like we had. Either way, he was acting like a dick, and I was trying to wrestle my few bags out of the airport with no help from him.

We moved down the sidewalk toward a row of buses, and on the way, we passed several kiosks outside that were selling cigarettes, poker chips and strange souvenirs. There was a Middle Eastern man who'd stopped at one of them, trying to buy something, while ahead of him, a woman close to him in age (40s-50s) was nagging him to hurry.

Jeff and I finally climbed onto one of the buses, and I was reading the signs, which were all in French, and Jeff was annoyed because he couldn't read them. I think I laughed a little, and because he'd been being such an asshole, I said, "Should have paid more attention in school. You wouldn't be so unprepared now." That seemed to have some sort of hidden message in it.

I met the gazes of several passengers, who sat down in different locations on the bus. I think the bus was supposed to take us downtown -- whatever city we were in -- so we could find our hotel.

Suddenly, we all see someone. I don't even remember who this person was or what he looked like, but we all drew weapons. The scene became this wild action shooting sequence, full of impossible movements and amazing stunts all in slow motion. I pushed Jeff down so he wouldn't get hurt, and I jumped into the fray.

I know it was over at some point because the slow motion stopped, and I was standing outside the bus with the Middle Eastern man, a couple of Asian men, a very sexy Frenchman and a German man. There were dead people all around, including our target and his bodyguards, and innocent bystanders like Jeff and the one guy's wife, who was now pissed because she found that he'd bought a fake Visa at the kiosk. I don't know why this upset her, but it did.

While they argued, and the Asians seemed to be the ones explaining what was going on to the officials, the sexy Frenchman walked up to me, smiled and congratulated me on a job well done. Then he hugged and kissed me in a way that was way beyond friendship.

The dream shifted, but it was the exact same dream. There were differences, though, such as Jeff and I were "together," but he was still acting like a selfish dick and saying, "I don't know why I let you talk me into this trip. We're not getting back together when it's over." And I just struggled with my bags and followed him out to one of the buses. The kiosk was still there, but this time, it was one of the Asians, who looked like Ken Watanabe, and he was buying poker chips, and I think still the fake Visa. I keep thinking that his wife would be pissed, but as I moved by, our eyes met, and we nodded in acknowledgement of each other.

Jeff and I kept moving toward the bus, and one of my bags -- a plastic shopping back of souvenirs kept slipping, and I kept having to pause and adjust everything because Jeff would not stop to help me at all. At one point, a young Middle Eastern man cam up and helped me and our eyes met and we nodded to each other. He was one of the ones from the other part of the dream.

When we neared the bus, I saw a couple of the others (I was the only woman in the group either time and the only American), and we all nodded to each other. Inside the bus, I saw the sexy Frenchman, and our eyes met, but we didn't nod or smile as if we knew that would give away our relationship.

The rest was as it was before, but there did seem to be a point that Jeff was pissed at me for involving him in this and pretending I was interested in getting back together when it was obvious that I wasn't. I just snarked, "You agreed to come. You could have always said no all along since you're so adamant on being an asshole. But it was your choice."

I think I was about to go to the Frenchman, but that's where I woke up.
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Okay, so aquilarising and I were living together still but in this old house -- seemed to be a stilt house, but I'm not sure where we were living or if we were still here. But it was an old place and fine at first.

Then all of a sudden, an "e-mail" friend is there to visit -- someone I've supposedly known for a long time -- and it's David Spade. A younger David Spade. For some reason, I keep thinking (outside the dream) that it's supposed to be someone else -- someone I knew in elementary school who'd tracked me down online and always had a crush on me. But physically, it was David Spade.

So we're sitting on the sofa -- this 70s puke green and beige thing (similar to the couch Jeff and I used to have that was wood and cushions and belonged to his grandparents, only it was brown and beige). And there was a table across from it and some equally hideous chairs. But "David" and I were sitting on the sofa and he starts rubbing my feet and looking like he wants to make out. So I'm actually game for this. At first, though, he's intent on the massage and moves it to my lower back. I took off my shirt to make it easier, and while he's doing this, Kass has ordered pizza for all of us and has told him that we'd heard the house is haunted -- like Amityville haunted, really really fucking bad and creepy, and something comes up about how Stephen King had wanted to use our house at one point as a model for a novel.

So then Kass says that she's going to put a movie on for all of us to watch, but she really puts on a video game, and she and David start talking video games. They quickly stop when they realize that this leaves me out of the conversation entirely.

We hear noises out on the deck, and I pull my shirt back on. When I step out, there are several "friends" who've shown up and are saying that it's a party, which annoys me because I was wanting pizza and a quiet night (and I'm pretty sure sex was imminent).

Suddenly, there's this creepy vibe about the house, and I start to worry about people. I step inside by myself to get a soda, and Albert Brooks is apparently one of the people hanging out. He'd gone in to get a soda, too. But he's very quiet and seems afraid and doesn't want to be in the house; he doesn't respond much when I try to talk to him. Finally, he goes back outside, and nothing creepy with the house happens.

At some point, we go back inside, and there are 4-6 card tables set up together, all covered by a long, white cloth. There are plates all over with various Asian dishes, and now, there are 4-5 Asian women there who prepared the meal. There was what looked like salmon on my plate and strips of seaweed wrapped white fish, all of which I ate with chopsticks (and all of it was really bland).

David came over and sat by me, but none of the chairs, folding chairs and plastic patio chairs, were very sturdy. We were about to start talking when one of the Asian women hands me this platter of what looks like appetizers. I go to take one with my chopsticks, and it hops! I realize it's a live frog and quickly pass the plate to my right, really freaked out. The girl there takes the frog with her chopsticks and eats it alive. The platter comes back around to the left of me, and I watch as the woman there takes this TINY TINY TINY black and tan dog dressed in Japanese armor with her chopsticks. At first, I think that this has to be a trick or something that was constructed out of food to look like a little dog. Then the tiny dog started to bark and wag his little tail just as one of the other Asian women took another dog. And the first woman with the dog bit off his little head.

I was horrified and I think I was going to get up and find out what happened to the pizza. I'm pretty sure that someone said the order had been cancelled and then I woke up to the phone ringing.
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30 June 2010 @ 12:18 pm
aquilarising and I were living together but in some three bedroom apartment/condo. I think I was working instead of going to school. I went into Kass' room and she had a regular bed (instead of the air mattress she's borrowing from my sister). The room was a mess, and she had bags of candy under her bed; there were several, and they were all opened. I was yelling at her about that because of bugs and the dog. At one point, I went out into the living room, and Tam was there, but so was Katie. She got into my lap, and she hardly weighted a thing, and her fur was so silky soft. Her eyes were huge.

Then while Kass and I were arguing over the state of her room, this heavier-set blonde chick with a lot of make up (she reminds me of a lot of the women who used to get Jeff's attention on a regular basis, whom he'd flirt with all the time) walked out of the third bedroom. She wandered from the kitchen to her bedroom then into the living room again, eating something she'd taken from the kitchen. She didn't even acknowledge us, and she walked out the front door (the apt had a front door, a sliding glass door to a patio and a back door, which was in the kitchen).

Kass and I watched her, very surprised as if we didn't recognize her. But when she walked out and left the door wide open, I suddenly yelled, "See what I mean? She has no respect for this home. She leaves doors open and makes a mess in the living room and bathroom!" And at first, Kass was being very defensive of her.

Then I pointed out (as if I just realized this): "She's not even paying her share of bills, rent and food!" To which, Kass stopped defending her, and we stood there, obviously trying to remember the last time this blonde covered her share. Kass ran out the door to stop her before she could drive off, but she was too late. When Kass came back in, I was on the phone.

Later, she comes back, looking pissed but maybe a little contrite? (Mostly pissed) Her parents and a younger teenaged brother are with her, and they're really nice people. They come in with cleaning supplies and groceries with the intention of helping her clean and replacing food and I think, moving her out. Her father also started asking what she owed in rent and bills, dating back to whenever she stopped paying us.

That's when I woke up.
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24 June 2010 @ 01:38 pm
This dream comes in two parts, but it's the same dream. When I woke up around 9:20 to make sure that my roommate had headed out to work, I'd woken up from the first part of the dream. I went back to sleep, it continued. Only my dreams about zombies does this.


I was outside of a compound, trying to survive and get somewhere safe from the zombies. They were everywhere. I managed to kill a few and arrived at this compound where there were several survivors. They didn't want to let me in at first -- or a few people didn't. The one guy who finally convinced the others to let me in was Bill Cosby, though he wasn't really Bill Cosby (looked like him but wasn't) -- he was some old war vet who carried a lot of clout there. So I went in and started collecting things and looking for weapons to be mine. A few of the men tried to tell me that I couldn't use guns or other weapons because I was female and needed men to protect me. I hit one in the stomach with a baseball bat. They dared me to kill a zombie, so I stepped outside and killed one, which shocked them and impressed others.

One of the people who was impressed was not-Bill Cosby, and he kept me by him most of the time. But he was starting to go insane and eventually stepped outside to "face the enemy" and was bitten. I shot him before it could become bad.

But the compound was becoming chaotic as other men started fighting for power as to who would lead, so I grabbed up anything I wanted to claim as mine and left before they destroyed themselves.


I found an old, huge mansion and decided to hole up there for a while because it seemed pretty zombie-free. I went inside and discovered that the owner was still there -- Bob Hoskins (but like Cosby, not really Bob Hoskins). He was an arrogant millionaire who was hiding away and refusing to do anything about the zombies. So I pretty much set up shop there and ignored him when he tried to tell me what I could or couldn't have access to.

Somewhere in the house, I found a little boy who I decided to keep and raise, and while we were there, Bob Hoskins stepped outside to this garden area and was bitten by a zombie dog. I shot both B.H. and the dog.

Suddenly, the mansion was some kind of bigger auditorium or something, and I wanted to get the hell out of it with the boy. So while I'm gathering up our bags, his toys and some food and putting a lot of it into a wagon, someone from this group of people comes in and takes the boy away from me. I follow them into a big convention room where there were all these fanatical cultish Christians, who are telling me I can't raise the boy because I'm a single female, a zombie killer and not Christian.

There are cops in the room who are there to protect these fundies, but one of them lets me take her gun and a Bowie knife, and I start shooting at the leaders who have my boy. They freak out because I'm really shooting at them (and hitting a few of them), and they say that they'll let me have the boy back.

Then I woke up.
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10 June 2010 @ 05:47 pm
Part I:

I was living in some sort of condo set up, but there were a lot of outdoorsy areas. Well, they were somewhat like this:

Not exactly, but that's the closest I could find. There was also a parking garage for the tenants. I may have been living there with Kass, but I don't remember where Tam was. Probably in the condo. I think we were planning a trip or something. I felt a lot younger in the dream -- like early 20s.

At one point, I walked outside and told Kass that I needed to get our paychecks because I'd left them in the car. I walked past one creepy male neighbor and tried to keep an eye out if he was following me to the parking garage, which I'm pretty sure he was. I climbed into the car (though I think it was actually a van), but I couldn't find the checks. I called Kass to get her to help me, but then Creepy Guy climbed into the van and told me to give him the checks. He wasn't interested in me at all, just the money, and I told him that I couldn't find them. Kass came out and we looked all over for the checks, but they just weren't there, and the guy said he wasn't letting us leave until we gave him the money.

I think I might have hit him on the head and we ran away, trying to call the police.

Part II:

The next part I remember involved either a house or the same condo set up. Only I was dealing with guests or clients for advertising. But they came over and it was like there was some dark entity around. They, the guests, would sneeze and blood would just shoot out of their noses and mouths and they weren't even really aware of it. I kept trying to find a way to get rid of the entity but couldn't. There was one point where there were a few tents set up, and I got the impression that I was setting them up to make sure they were cleaned out because I was going camping, but one of the people climbed into the tent and made a huge mess in it by sneezing blood all over it.

Then the dream shifted again, and I was sitting inside in my pajamas. There were female guests there (who weren't sneezing blood). I'm pretty sure one of them was the girl who played Harriet Shelley in Bloody Poetry and she was in pjs, too, painting her toenails. Also, Elizabeth from my MFA program was there with another person from the program (I think it might have been Shiloh), but they wanted to go out and smoke, so they stepped outside the condo, which was fairly dimly lit through the whole dream. I can't remember what I was saying to the other girl, but there was some sort of magazine (maybe it was a fashion magazine? Maybe it was a news one?) that we were looking at. It was on the coffee table, which started out looking like my rectangular tile coffee table that my dad made, but it changed into the same type of table but square.

Then I woke up.
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08 June 2010 @ 02:34 pm
I was living in some sort of futuristic dystopian version of the country where government, corporations and Christianity had taken over completely in a controlling Capitalistic Theocracy that did like anyone would expect by controlling people morally as well as financially. They tolerated no free thinkers and there were severe punishments for any of the little rebellion groups. I happened to be a part of one of these underground rebellion groups.

I had a mate (a big, sexy alpha male type), and we had kids -- I'm not sure if they were biologically ours or if we found them orphaned and too them as ours. But they were ours. We were living in abandoned buildings and a series of underground tunnels (we were still in San Marcos, but I didn't realize that for sure until later). We'd come up to pilfer food and to work odd jobs for a bit of money, which our whole cell was saving up for an escape to another city or somewhere that wasn't under the Theocracy's watch.

But this one day, the kids (two -- a small boy and girl) and I and one of the cell's teenage girls were doing these tour guide jobs at an old museum (definitely not in San Marcos, but it was in this dream). We were close to our monetary goal for escape. As we were getting ready to leave, one man, who might have been the curator (or someone posing as a curator), shook our hands and "accidentally" marked us with a dot from a black pen. None of us thought anything about it until we ran into a well-known Christian minister, who was giving a lecture there and he did the same thing, but with a red pen. When he looked into my eyes, he gave me this evil look and smile and continued his lecture on how "some of God's sheep were going astray" and how with this device, the Theocracy could become better shepherd's for him. When I looked at my hand, I noticed two tiny glowing lights, one black and one red. They were tracking devices that the four of us had been injected with.

So we calmly left and tried to get home through a series of underground tunnels. I know we were being chased to be rounded up, but I also used some sort of comm-link to get a hold of my partner and the cell's doctor, who could remove the trackers. However, we wound up on Hwy 80 (this is how I knew it was San Marcos) with a long line of people who were trying to leave town and who were being searched by Theocracy police. Doc and partner said they were on their way and would be there soon. I was trying to keep the kids and teenage girl calm so we wouldn't call attention to ourselves.

I looked over to the sky behind us, which was getting darker, and I saw these glowing, pale blue figures that were the size of hot air balloons and looked like celestial ghostly figures but with definite shapes. One was a fish that was going after a female figure and a sun figure came up behind the female, bigger than both it and the fish. I said, "Oh look. Pisces is trying to eat Virgo, but the Sun will eat them both."

Then Kathleen Peirce (one of my new professors) was there with us and she asked to go with us, her and several women, and I said that as soon as my mate and the doc were there to make us undetectable again, they could go with us. She said that they all had money to pay for themselves and some over that to help out the cell. She realized that we were from one of the main rebellion groups that the Theocracy was after. Then Kathleen told me that she had a farm with supplies where we could go lay low for a few days or weeks until we could leave again.

The Theocracy guards were getting closer to us as my guy and the doc showed up, and the doc was about to dig the implants out of my hand when I woke up.
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